BCI Competency Framework 2024 Aligned to the GPG 7.0

  • 13 March 2024

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The updated BCI Competency Framework defines the professional standards needed to be an effective business continuity and resilience professional/practitioner at every career stage. It is a tool to help individuals advance as professionals, to help employers develop resilience capability through workforce planning & development, and to give society confidence in the resilience profession.

The BCI Competency Framework was developed in collaboration with numerous BCI stakeholders to meet the requirements of individual business continuity and resilience professionals as well as their employers. The updated framework enhances the traditional business continuity competencies outlined in the Good Practice Guideline 7.0 edition by introducing additional competencies that are essential for effective business continuity and resilience professionals, such as leadership, ethics and values, and working with others. The framework complements and aligns with the Good Practice Guidelines 7.0 edition. The BCI applies this framework to make informed decisions about membership levels, develop professional qualifications, and offer member services that assist practitioners at all stages of their careers. Therefore, any membership applications that use the previous competency framework of 2020 must be submitted by 30 April, 2024. From that point forward, all new applications will be required to use the 2024 updated competency framework.

The BCI Competency Framework is designed to:

  • Help business continuity and resilience professionals plan and develop their careers.
  • Help the BCI to assess future membership applications and make informed decisions about individuals’ membership levels, develop professional qualifications and provide member services that support practitioners at all career stages.
  • Make it easier for employers to identify the skills required for their business continuity teams.
  • Allow BCI Licensed Training Partners to plan their portfolio of training courses that they offer.