BCI Mentoring webinar

  • 20 November 2023

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This webinar highlights the benefits of BCI Mentoring for career advancement and professional development.


Introduction to BCI Mentoring: 
BCI Mentoring has undergone changes to better meet the evolving needs of its members. In this overview, we discuss what's new with BCI Mentoring and highlight its pivotal role in fostering professional growth.
Meet PushFar: 
We discuss the partnership between the BCI and PushFar as we introduce PushFar and its mission. Learn about their innovative approach to mentoring and how they are revolutionising the mentorship landscape.
A Closer Look at the New BCI Mentoring: 
We dive into the latest program updates and enhancements and uncover what makes BCI Mentoring so exciting! We talk about improved matching algorithms and personalized resources – all aimed at giving you the absolute best mentoring experience.
Platform Features:
We highlight the key features of the BCI Mentoring platform, which makes it easy for mentors and mentees to connect, engage, and grow. From setting goals to tracking progress, we walk you through the platform's user-friendly interface.
Join the BCI Mentoring Community: 
We explain how BCI members can join BCI Mentoring and take full advantage of this valuable resource. Whether you're looking to mentor, be mentored, or both, you'll learn how to get started on your mentoring journey.
Q&A Session: 
A Q&A session that allowed attendees to ask questions to gain further insights from our presenters.

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