Service Resilience and Software Risk

  • 20 December 2023

The BCI and the British Computer Society (BCS) produced a joint report on Service Resilience and Software Risk. The report is the culmination of a two-year project with the final paper written after a roundtable event at the BCS headquarters in central London, UK.

The UK Government Resilience Framework is built around three fundamental pillars

  • The need for a shared understanding of the risks we face.
  • The focus on prevention and preparation.
  • That resilience requires a whole societal approach.

The report identifies the risk of software failure as a hurdle to national, and international, resilience. In the UK, organizations are becoming increasingly dependent on services that are at risk of software failure. Whilst this has been somewhat acknowledged in the financial services sector with critical third parties – typically technology providers – having to comply with regulations to remain a supplier to regulated financial organizations, there is a need for such principles to be extended to other sectors. This is the embodiment of the “whole of society approach”.

The BCI is looking forward to continuing this collaboration going forward, with the two institutes working to raise awareness, build educational initiatives, and guide this area. The approach taken will be one that will benefit global organizations, not just those in the United Kingdom, and we are pleased to be raising awareness of this critical aspect of business and societal resilience.

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