The BCI launches the new Saudi Arabia Chapter

  • 17 Apr 2024

We are pleased to announce the creation of the BCI Saudi Arabia Chapter to support the business continuity and resilience community in the region. 

As such, the newly appointed committee for the BCI Saudi Arabia Chapter consists of:

Name Role
Atiq Bajwa Leader
Mohamed Abuelqroush Vice-Leader
David Bollaert Committee member
Darrshan Manukulasooriya Committee member
Asma Alsobhi Committee member
Ibrahim Alhamdan Committee member
Faisal Almuhana Committee member
Turki Tammar Committee member
Najla Albaz Committee member
Sultan Shukri Committee member
Abdulrahman Ali Aldahsh Committee member

“I am very excited about leading the new BCI Saudi Arabia Chapter because it was much needed to address the needs of a young resilience community. The timing of the Chapter’s launch is perfect because the resilience profession is an enabler for the Vision 2030 of Saudi Arabia which aims to make national infrastructure and its supply chain more resilient,” says Atiq Bajwa, Leader of the Chapter.

“As a professional in business continuity and resilience, organizing the BCI Chapter for Saudi Arabia is a great pleasure,” adds Mohamed Abuelkroush, Vice-Leader. He explains that this achievement will bring industry leaders, experts, and stakeholders together with the goal of elevating business continuity practices in the region. 

One of the primary commitments for the Chapter is to advance good practices and bridge gaps in local business continuity and resilience practices, as well as offering a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and professional growth — all essential for reinforcing preparedness in the face of disruption. 

Key goals for the new chapter

The leadership for the BCI Saudi Arabia Chapter has also set out the below goals for the Chapter going forwards.


  • Raise awareness about the importance of business continuity and resilience within the country's business community.
  • Educate businesses about the potential risks they face and the necessity of proactive planning.
  • Develop the young and ambitious Saudi members of the Chapter to progress and work to enhance their professionalism so they can lead various activities of the Chapter within this region and industry in the future.

Community engagement:

  • Engage with local communities to foster resilience at the grassroots level.
  • Provide the required capabilities to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in terms of implementing business continuity plans.
  • Forge partnerships with other BCI Chapters resilience organizations globally to leverage resources and expertise.

Thought leadership:

  • In collaboration with experienced members, publish articles, white papers, and thought leadership pieces on LinkedIn and the BCI website to share insights and thought-provoking perspectives on business continuity and resilience.
  • Organize regional or local conferences, webinars, and thought leadership forums to discuss current trends and future challenges in the field.
  • Facilitate networking opportunities for professionals to exchange best practices, case studies, and lessons learned.
  • Leveraging BCI resources, such as templates, guidelines, and research reports.
  • Support research initiatives to advance the understanding of emerging threats and effective mitigation strategies.
  • Encourage innovation in the development of tools, technologies, and methodologies for enhancing business resilience.
  • Collaborate with academic institutions, research centres, and industry experts to foster innovation and knowledge exchange.

We will be releasing further information related to the BCI Saudi Arabia Chapter shortly, but for more information and to join please follow these links…

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